In Devotion To Love

fall in love with yourself, with life AND with your (future) partner from a place of peace and safety

You’ve got a choice…

My intention is to help you empower yourself. To (re)connect to the infinite wisdom of your body. To find true freedom of choice. And to live the life you desire.

You taking radical ownership of your love, life and relationships will help you thrive regardless of what is coming your way. Because you will know how to hold yourself.

No matter what.

“Marloes has an intuitive coaching style that goes beyond her formal training - she instinctively knows how to guide a session, when to ask really powerful questions and where you need to be lead to.”


About me

We need a diploma for almost everything. Except for the hardest things in life: being our truest self in any moment, relationships and parenting. I have no experience with the last. But with the other two, I’ve got PLENTY.

The past five years I fully immersed myself in getting to know ME. I had no other option. I had to face my demons to finally get out of a loooong burn-out and depression.

Which lead me to a happy divorce (yes, we’re still friends), exploring the dating world, buying my very own house and renovating it without having a plan. It was quite a journey…

To eventually come home to myself. Meaning, I am learning to embrace ALL of me. Also the parts that don’t feel very lovable at first. This is having a HUGE impact on how I interact with others. I no longer feel the need to change people. Relationships naturally evolve. Or they don’t. And that’s ok too.

It isn’t easy. I probably fail as often as I succeed. Still, it’s worth the effort. Embracing myself, leads me to accepting and valuing others for who they are. Which brings much joy and peace to my life.

Oh and don’t worry, it’s not JUST personal experience.

I also completed a year long training program created by Layla Martin to become a (almost) certified VITA love & relationship coach.

“Marloes, I thank you from my heart for this extraordinary session. It was the biggest gift someone gave me in a while. There were so many shifts after „only“ 2 hours of coaching… Since our session my own coaching work doesn’t feel draining anymore. Instead it replenishes my energy because I can go with the flow, stay in my feminine energy and follow my intuition easily. Our session inspired me in so many ways, thank you!!”


Maybe this will be your recommendation one day. Are you ready to receive the love that is longing to embrace you?

To be decided…

"I felt so safe, secure and open to expressing anything I needed to without fear of judgment. Marloes really understands me and the challenges I was facing well, whilst holding a beautiful, loving space. She has a confident and compassionate energy. Thank you Marloes!"


A taster

The introduction

€120,- for 3 sessions of 90 minutes

Would you like to feel my vibe and my coaching style before you commit to more? I feel you!

In 3 sessions we will uncover and explore your deepest desires for love, life and relationships.

Taking it slow

The initiation

€750,- for 10 sessions of 90 minutes

A safe and nourishing relationship with yourself, will help you to create the partnership you desire.

Are you struggling with dating and relating?

Or did you already find the right person and would you love to deepen your bond?

To experience true union.

I am here to help you. To assist in exploring who you are underneath the layers of protection.

What do you desire? What do you long for in a relationship? Where are your edges? Your triggers? What do you need to feel more? To be fully alive in the moment? To express yourself?

The more you love and accept who YOU are, the easier it gets to call in the love that was there for you all along.

Taking full ownership.

Deep Dive

The companionship

Coming soon!

Just to give you a taster.

This is for you if you are ready to go ALL IN with weekly sessions of 2 to 3 hours. To go DEEP with amazing tools that will shine light on your relationship patterns. And to help you create true safety WITHIN, to hold yourself and your relationships at a level you never even imagined.

I am right now looking for try-out clients who will have the opportunity to experience all the goodness The companionship has to offer at a once in a lifetime reduced rate. Send me an e-mail if you’d LOVE to take this opportunity.

"Marloes is fully present without any judgement, not matter what is coming up during the session. This, combined with her intuitive approach, is what makes Marloes not only a powerful woman It also makes her an incredible and wise coach."


"I found her process so insightful and revealing, nourishing and inspiring. I am extremely grateful to have experienced her masterful coaching and encourage anyone desiring to experience a beautiful journey into themselves, to do so with Marloes as their coach."


"Marloes has a lovely warm personality, a sense of resilience and creative resourcefulness. I happily recommend her to you and would welcome further coaching sessions with her myself!"

Ann Marie

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